Abundance. We All Deserve It, and Can Create It !

One definition of abundance is 'more than enough'. For the purpose of this article what abundance means is lots of the things in life that we as humans need to be fulfilled and happy. These are ample food, clothing, shelter, love, physical and emotional health, serenity, freedom and of course money.

Many of us don't have these things. We struggle to attain them and they continue to be elusive.

What your life looks like today is the result of how you have chosen to experience it.

Now don't throw tomatoes at me for this ( although I love tomatoes). It is my theory based on the studying that I have done, the books that I have read, the courses that I have taken and my experiences. But again, the Universe knows for sure.

We attract into our lives with our thoughts and convictions. Are you familiar with the book and movie 'The Secret'? It proclaims that through the 'Law of Attraction' we create our experiences.

I believe that our self-esteem is at the source of our thoughts and convictions. Many experts on the subject say that our beliefs and opinions are formed by the time we reach seven years old. Since we never stop learning, I would say that our behavior patterns are changeable at any age.

Take a look at the people in this world who have the abundance that you would like.

How are they different from you? Some of them came from abusive families, didn't graduate from high-school or university, grew up with physical or emotional illnesses, and never made it to the 'top eligible' list. If they can create abundance, why can't you?

There used to be a school of thought that believed that in order for us to change our belief system and hence our behavior patterns it was necessary to go back to childhood and find out where it all began. An eager student has been able to benefit from that therapy.

I am one of many independent thinkers who believe that there are many ways to accomplish this. Firstly, many people have bad memories that they have hidden away and would do anything to avoid the pain of them.

We can start right now to write a new script. The act 'as if' system works well but what it requires is work and commitment. We need to admit to ourselves that our life doesn't work and that we need to make changes. This marks the end of 'denial'. Since you are reading this, I assume that you have at least one foot out of 'denial" and one foot in 'awareness'. Keep on walking and please close the door behind you (please).

Finding our source of pain

I do understand that finding the source of our pain can be frightening. The fact is, we have put this particular truth into a place where we think it can't hurt us anymore. The truth of the matter is, that it is hurting us now, today. It is causing us to live defensively. We are not living to the fullest because we are not telling the truth to ourselves and hence we are not reaching our full potential of who we are and the life we can live.

The pain of exposing the truth can't possibly be more than the pain we are going through in living a fantasy. I do know that if we explore the possibility of exposing it, we may be able to realize that the worst thing that can happen to us is not the "worst thing".

Sometimes I play a little game with myself when I discover that I am avoiding something. I ask ' what is the worst thing that can happen to me if I do the thing I am avoiding. I have no answer for that. Being vulnerable to our weaknesses and our perceived flaws is not life threatening. It is freeing.

It hurts so much to have a secret. It hurts to trust no one with our secret, not even ourselves. Ask yourself this question, "who would I be if someone were to know my secret? What would happen if I told someone?"

How you have chosen to experience your life up to this point is your choice. Remember, that this is not a life sentence.

Here is an article by someone who I admire and often refer to for a new slant on life.

True Abundance by Steve Pavlina

Abundance doesn’t require unlimited physical resources. Having limitless oil or some suitable replacement won’t help us feel more abundant. It will simply lead us to take more things for granted, and we’ll under-appreciate what we have.

Abundance isn’t about having more, more, more. It’s about learning what we truly value and realizing that we can in fact create that value if we so desire.

In some ways this dream world is much smarter than our limited individual personalities. It brings us what we truly desire, even if that conflicts with what we explicitly ask for. The universe is completely and 100% on your side. You can try to make an enemy of it, but it never abandons you. It simply outsmarts you by doing an end run around your stubbornness.

To create an abundance mindset, you may need to shed a lot of false desires. You may need to stop feeding your power to what you don’t want. And you may need to start appreciating all the goodness that’s right in front of you, but you’ve been too blind to pause and appreciate it.

If you think that scarcity in the world is a bad thing, take another look. You’re seeing scarcity because you need to see it in order to grow. You need to see war in order to appreciate peace. You need to see unfairness to appreciate fairness. You need to see disease to appreciate health. If you didn’t need to learn these lessons, you wouldn’t keep summoning scarcity as your teacher.

Don’t close your eyes to the scarcity you perceive. Let it sink in fully. Feel the sense of lack. And when you’ve learned the lesson you need to learn from it, withdraw your power from it, and use it to create the abundance you desire.

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