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Ask yourself this question: How would my life be different if I didn't have any self judgements?

No Resolutions This Year! ( 2012)

What I love most about New Year’s Day is the notion that ‘today is the first day of the rest of my life’. I know that every day is the first day of the rest of my life, but I forget. A New Year always fills me with excitement at what life has to offer. The past is the past and, whatever choices I have made, and whatever actions I have taken that didn’t have the result that I wanted, are back there in the past. What I have done, is not who I am. What I have learned from what I have done is who I am.

Resolutions are not what I am advocating here, although many people look forward to them and claim to need them in their life to acquire motivation.

I am advocating forgiveness. Forgiveness is not condonement, it is letting go of feelings that will eventually create ill health for us. So first of all let’s forgive ourselves for anything that we are still holding onto that didn’t show up the way we expected it to. I always say ‘there are no mistakes, there are only lessons’. What do we learn when things always go right? And what do we learn when they go wrong? Secondly, let’s forgive anyone else in our life we are holding responsible for our bad feelings. Holding resentments against someone is like drinking poison and expecting them to die. They are probably resting on a beach in Hawaii, while you are down with the flu. Let them go. I am not saying they were right to do what they did, just that we need to learn from them, plan to not allow it anymore and move forward.

We are responsible for how we feel about events in our life…completely responsible. A good way to start a new year would be to remember that we are in control of how we perceive and experience all the occurrences around us. When we understand that, we take charge of our lives and become powerful and focused and can accomplish anything.


Message for 2011

With the New Year approaching, I wanted to write something that would uplift and inspire you all to make next year the best year ever.

What I do love about a New Year is that it gives us the opportunity to start again. I know that we can all start again anytime we want, to change the way we are being, but when a New Year approaches, we have a reason to look at the results we have gotten and make changes.

We have permission to change something or to change everything. It is a freedom.

I found a little blog by a lady who is well known for her expertise in helping others to heal their lives. She is a favourite of mine. Her name is Louise Hay. Please enjoy

A New Vision for Your Future

BLOG by Louise L. Hay

It’s time to make a new vision of your future and let go of any beliefs and thoughts that do not support it. You can begin this process of changing your outlook by completing this exercise below.

Take some deep breaths; close your eyes; and think about the person, place, or thing you’re addicted to. Think of the insanity behind your addiction. You’re trying to fix what you think is wrong inside of you by grabbing on to something that is outside of you. The point of power is in the present moment, and you can begin to make a shift today.

Be willing to release the need. Say: “I am willing to release the need for _______ in my life. I release it now and trust in the process of life to meet my needs.”

Repeat this affirmation every morning in your daily meditations.

You can also include this prayer:

I claim high self-worth and self-esteem for myself. I love and appreciate myself on every level. I am not my parents, nor any addictive pattern they may have had. No matter what my past may have been, now in this moment I choose to eliminate all negative self-talk and to love and approve of myself. I am my own unique self, and I rejoice in who I am. I am acceptable, lovable, and Divinely inspired.

This is the truth of my being, and I accept it as so. All is well in my world.

Why Only At Christmas

December is here and the energy has changed. Last weekend most of the little communities around us have had their Santa Parade and light up ceremonies. I had the pleasure of attending two of them. I was surprised at how many people bundled up their families to sit on the sidewalk to watch the parade. It was a frosty night and my feet were cold. The parade lasted two hours and nobody moved. Children were calling out Merry Christmas to the participants in the parade and candy canes were handed out along the way.

Now when I said that the energy had changed, I mean that we are happier, more positive, generous and gentle to each other. We didn't mind being bumped on the sidewalk or standing crowded together waiting for hot chocolate. There was a mood of love and acceptance. Joy abounded!

My question here is ( and I know we ask this question every year) why aren't we like this to each other every day of the year? What is different in December? Amazingly enough there is more stress in December. There are more suicides in December than any other time of the year. The police force work doubly harder around Christmas.

I think we use Christmas to remind ourselves that the world is a friendly place and that life is worth living and that next year things will be better. Maybe we need a break from the harshness of our lives and we use this season to take it.

What many of us are not aware of, is that we have the choice to make it the way we want it. We don't have to attack our neighbors when their dog barks. We don't have to attack other drivers on the road who don't drive the way we think they should. It's not necessary to be impatient at the check-out line in the grocery store.

I know that the first sign of insanity is pretending that things are other than the way they are. They are what they are, and people are who they are. And we can't change other people.

The way I see it, if we are not compelled to make changes to things we are not happy with, or if we are not capable of changing things to our liking, then "what is, is".

We need to let go of the idea that things should be different. They are not.

In this world, we can only 'be the way we want others to be and be the best we can be'. That's it! Simple as that.

Life is an accumulation of moments. Why not live those moments the best way we can. Let's make every day as joyful as Christmas.

An Exercise Program That Will Work

I trained for, and ran the Vancouver International Marathon a few years back. (Quite a few years back, actually. How time flies.) In the process, I injured myself but managed to finish in 3 hours and 64 minutes. I love running. I don’t know why because where I live you have to run in the rain a lot.

I attempted to start my running program again after I had healed from the race but each and every time, that little old injury tried to come back. I had to give it up and found an alternative exercise. The circuit has worked for me because there is less boredom in it.

Yesterday, I woke up and wanted to just run. I had missed a few days at the gym and I felt like I needed to move. I realized that the reason I could not run any more had to do with the concrete and asphalt on the streets and sidewalks. I spent the day searching out the closest high school with a running track. I found one just over a mile away, and this morning, I got up at the crack of dawn and found my way over to it. It was raining steadily, but I had promised myself. I managed an easy four times around the track, which I think is just a mile. As I power walked my way home, I felt amazing. The rain didn’t matter. My spirit was alive.

The secret to a consistent exercise program is to do something that you love. Doing what you love works with everything in your life. It’s so much easier to do and we stay with it. There are many, many ways to exercise. In North America, we have made a sport out of almost anything you can imagine. So there isn’t a shortage of ways we can work out.

If you don’t know what you would love to do, think back to when you were a child. What did you not want to stop doing when it was time? What sport did you do best in at school? What sport do you like to watch on TV? Well, maybe we can’t play hockey for the Canucks.

Experiment with different types of movement. I am sure you will find something that you can commit to. Then just do it. Don’t talk yourself out of it, just do it! We all know that exercise is the absolute best thing we can do for our physical, mental and ultimately our emotional health.

Taking time for yourself is an important component of having an exercise program that works for you.

Let's Be Loving With Each Other

It was early in the morning. I had gotten up as the birds were starting their morning symphony. I wiggled into my workout clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and was out the door. I love the early mornings--so peaceful and quiet. Once at the gym, I got into my routine and was in my own thoughts when a door slammed and profanities cut the air. A women had just entered the room and was displaying the signs of road rage ( while out of her car). A car that was in front of her was leaving so much space between it and the car in front that the lady in question had missed an entire light. On and on she went as I zoned out. Have you ever had someone beep you because you were too cautious for them? We certainly do not have the right to tell someone else how to drive.

Many people attack others for not doing things the way they would do them. We want things to be other than what they are, so we berate others for not being the way we want them to be. Even if we attack people in our own thoughts, we are still attacking them. The energy from our negative thoughts goes out and makes ripples in the Universe. We can't change others. We can set an example and treat them with love, but we can't change them. Next time you find yourself angry with someone, ask yourself this question Am I being the way I want you to be?

Only a few stories that we read impact us so much that we just cannot stop thinking about them and Andy Andrew's, The Butterfly Effect,is one of those stories. The Butterfly Effect is an unforgettable story about how our world is an incredible life of permanent purpose. Enjoy this 3 minute movie and be inspired to live a life of permanent purpose that will make you a better parent, a better spouse and a more valuable friend.

What Choice Do We Have? By Janet Robinson

Did you know that your life can be as happy and as full as you want it to be just by changing your mind?

I say a lot about choices. At the risk of overdoing it, I still have more to say on the subject. We have choices in our life. It often seems like we don’t but we do.

We can orchestrate whatever we want for our lives. We are not at the mercy of other people and circumstances. What we have that is the most powerful thing of all is our mind, our thoughts and our perceptions. No one can make us think the way they want us to without our permission.

And it is our thoughts that direct our life. We have no control over the weather, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. We cannot control in a large way our politics, our commerce, and other peoples’ behavior. But we do have control over what we do with what happens in our life. What beliefs we attach to the things that go on around us is more important to our lives than any other factor.

Perfect examples of this are stories we read about everyday where children born with disease are courageous and positive. People surviving under challenging circumstances are doing great things and motivating others. They are living with what has happened to them and creating wonderful things along the way.

Did you know that we don’t have to be sad? It is a choice. I know that there are things that happen in our lives that we don’t like and that cause us concern. There are people we love who are ill and who’s lives look to us to be in a bad way. There are sick and starving people all over the world. World politics can be gloomy and we can do little about it. Did you know that in the midst of what looks like a scary and unfriendly world, there are people who don’t think it is?

We cannot be hungry enough to feed the world and we cannot be sick enough to heal the world. All we can do is choose for ourselves. We can choose to know that Devine Order prevails and that our job on this planet is to be the best person we can be. If we are compelled to volunteer, to join a crusade to make a difference, that is our inner promptings and we should follow. But when we get to that place, we do it with enthusiasm and optimism. That is our choice.

Our thoughts are our own. Our feelings are our own. Those are the tools we have to create our own life. We are unique and intended in the large scheme of things. What is also intended for us is happiness. And we have a say over that.

Profound thought for today:

“When you open your eyes tomorrow morning, look out at the beautiful world and know that how you feel today and for the rest of your life can be decided by you.”

For An Amazing Website of Inspirational Thoughts Click Here For The Joy Of Quotes...


I woke up this morning feeling down. I allowed myself to get annoyed at a relative's behavior. I will call her Eden. I would like Eden to be happy and stop criticizing her family. I know it's in the family pattern on that side. I'm aware of where it comes from and why. I know that I can't change her. And yet I am still affected by it.

I also know that when someone does something that irks me I am looking in the mirror. Eden is reflecting back to me something that I don't accept about myself. I am a perfectionist. I say it's because things that are in logical order and tidy make life less work. That is true but when I see someone who doesn't have the same opinion and even criticizes others for what and how they do things, I feel angry.

So I am not accepting others for how they are. I want them to act the way I think they should. The conclusion that I have come to on this is that my reason for perfectionism isn't just for convenience, it's because I still carry on one of my own family patterns of looking for approval by doing things 'right'. I don't think I need approval anymore, I just forgot to stop. (But then again, maybe I still do, unconsciously)

I will say that as soon as I accepted responsibility for how I was feeling, I felt fantastic. It's not up to Eden to change, it's up to me to accept.( although, it would be nice if she did)

If you wake up feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, or even if you don't, watch this little video from SIMPLE TRUTHS. It could change your perspective and change your day. This movie is about women but men always feel the ripple. Enjoy!

Treat Your Aging Parents Gently and Kindly

I was shopping with my husband today and I saw a women my age mistreating her mother. The women was small and frail looking. The daughter was 'harping' at her while she was looking for something. Loudly, the daughter was calling "mom, it's not over there. They keep it over here. You need to go and ask for it. Mom, the lady to ask is over there." The mother looked confused and hurt and just needed her daughter to put her arms around her and help her find what she was looking for. How sad.

Chances are, the daughter was not taught how to treat her mother well. Her mother didn't know how to teach it. I would think that she was treated the same way by her parents.

Let's stop the cycle.

Janet Robinson-Gillmore, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

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