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Market Place is under construction as things change over time. I am busily looking for more wonderful products for you. My book store is still active and some of the links are clickable. I am again looking for the best products that I could find for assisting you to make changes in your life and the lives of your loved ones. I want you to wake up every morning with a smile on your face.

As I have mentioned before, making changes in your life to facilitate your living the best life possible, is often scary. It is hard to change. And there are other people to take into consideration, too. Remember, though, when you have taken care of your core needs, the people in your life will be better off for it. And often, your 'people circle' will be affected by the new you and they will accommodate you ( or not).

Use this page, Janet's Marketplace, to find what you need to assist you in your personal development. And remember, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

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Books On Self-Esteem

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In-home Behavior Modification is Growing in Popularity. Unique in-home programs can now help people to quickly end chronic depression & panic without drugs, wipe out food addictions, build self-esteem , quit smoking, get organized, increase sales, keep more earnings, eliminate pain, and much more. See a method being used in 92 countries & learn how easy transforming can really be. Click here for more information ...

Be happier now. Ask yourself five questions. The Option Method is a unique and simple technique to help you uncover the belief systems that are preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life. Change your beliefs and change your life. Click here to find out how...

the Option Method works


“Discover How You Can Break any Habit ( even the ones you have failed with) In Just 21 Days or Less. I will show you how to break, quickly and painlessly, even the worst habits that have been plaguing you for way too long. GUARANTEED! For more information click here....

Natural Health Products

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