Men's Self-Esteem.

The Challenges that Face them in Life as they Assume their Role in the Family and Society.

Mens self-esteem is a subject that is not talked about much. Men are not expected to have a low self-esteem. We assume that they have it all together because they have always been the ones making the important decisions. In fact, we never talk about their self-esteem. Let's get real!

We expect so much from men. They are our providers and protectors; our 'Knights in Shining Armour'. We expect men to perform: in the boardroom, in the bedroom, in the gym, and in the stock market.

That's a tough job! So why would a man want to tell anyone that he was scared or capable of making a mistake. How can he even admit to himself that he is infallible?

So, just as women are type-set in our society, so are men. How can we stop that? Again, I say, let's get real!

Authors Musings, Again.

I am having difficulty with this page because there is very little resource material on the subject of mens self-esteem. I asked my husband what mens self-esteem looked like and he said," a new four X four with big wheels". He was joking, of course, but there is always a little truth in anything spoken. My husband is one of those 'new age sensitive guys. He cries watching sad movies and doesn't think twice about hugging his sons. I believe that there are a lot of men like that.

The media has a habit of making everything bigger than life. That's how they create mens machismo. Professional sports is a perfect example.

Unfortunately, our boys are watching. Being a strong athlete, killing the enemy , 'slaying the dragon' so to speak instills in them the idea that all boys and men must do that- must measure up. It is hard for them, and their self-esteem suffers.

Lets face it, men and boys are capable of so much more. They are artists, writers, care givers and any number of things that don't require size and strength and aggression. Wars could be eliminated. Idealistic, again, of course. But we need our idealism to make any difference at all in the world.

" God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love."--Mother Teresa

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