How I Built This Website. Thank You SBI!

I am at a time in my life where I cannot work for someone else. I've been there and done that and it would break my spirit to do it again. For years now I have worked for myself; as an office temp., freelance bookkeeper, photographer, business owner, and fitness coach and gym owner. You would think that I would have everything I want in the world that money can buy. At some point along the way I might have realized that either way working for someone else or running my own business, that I was trading time for money.

When the economy took a dive and we lost it all, I finally realized that there had to be a better way. I decided to do what I loved and build a website and monetize it. This was a brand new concept for me. I had been using the computer for bookkeeping for a long time but had no idea about internet marketing. When an unsolicited e-mail came to my attention I was curious. It talked about making money on line and I couldn't find out enough about the process. For the first year I floundered after paying money to three separate companies who claimed to be able to teach me how to make big money on line in a short time. I was beginning to understand the concept but I was confused about the actual process and my funds were running out.

Then I discovered SBI! Ken Evoy and his staff are a breath of fresh air. I have been taken step by step through the process to the point where I now have a website that fulfills my passion and gives quality and authentic content to the searcher. I feel safe every step of the way. I find the right information when I need it and know what my next steps are. Nothing is left to chance and nothing is left out. There is no conquerable product to SBI!

When we find something in our life that we like and that works for us, we want everyone in our lives to have it. I would like you all to find what makes you tick, makes you money and contributes to a joyful and happy life for you. This could be for you, too. Find out more...

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Now that my job is working on the computer doing my website ( with the help of Solo Build It!) I find myself having the odd moments of guilt. The reason being is that I am 'loving what I am doing'. In the past, when I was 'loving what I was doing', I was usually not doing what I was supposed to do. That meant that I was not being 'productive'. Somehow, I had come to associate having fun with being irresponsible.

So now I find myself continually affirming to myself that what I am doing is what I'm supposed to be doing ( according to my own plans). If you would like to find your passion and make it your "job", turn off the alarm clock below!

Site Build It!

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