Women's Self-Esteem. How it Effects Everyone.

The headline of this page seems to put a heavy burden on women. Regardless of that, it is the truth. We're stuck with it. And how lucky we are. We are the best ones to do it.

It is a difficult task, though, as over the years men have assumed the role of 'running the show'. We women have let them, of course, and we are endeavoring to bring a change.

I grew up in a family of five children: one boy and four girls. My parents were 'old school'. The man was head of the household and a woman's place was in the home. My brother could do no wrong. We girls were cooking and cleaning almost before we were in school. I am grateful for that now. It has given me such a good work ethic and taught me to be the organized woman that I am.

We still, though, grew up with an inferiority complex. We all had our little labels. Marie was plump and lazy, April was cute and spoiled, Gretta was plain but smart and I was a slow learner with a good figure. It's amazing how those labels impacted us as we grew up. Not only was I a slow learner, I became preoccupied with my figure. As I have mentioned before we don't have to believe it.

We are all grown up now and we still struggle with being good enough. Being aware now, I see behavior patterns that are slow to change. My buttons can still be pushed at times when I am not paying attention.

Spousal Abuse

Women with a low self-esteem will go to great lengths and put up with a lot to make things work for everyone. We make excuses for bad behavior in our spouses hoping that things will change. Some women put up with physical and emotional abuse and it becomes a way of life. All because we don't feel confident in ourselves to demand what we need.

A badly abused women will even go back to her abusive relationship because she doesn't think she has a choice. Her self-esteem is so low that she doesn't think she has what it takes to support herself and her children. She just doesn't think she is good enough to make a change. The fear is a formidable thing and she is overwhelmed. It's easier for her to go back to what she is 'comfortable' with.

Men and spousal abuse

It has come to my attention quite shockingly that men also deal with spousal abuse from their wives. Women are considered the weaker sex. Our society doesn't pay much attention to men who are abused but it is not as rare as you would think.

Women can hit men and get away with it because if men even physically defend themselves, the woman will get hurt. And that is a story hard to tell.

Mental and emotional abuse is quite prevalent in both sexes. It is often as damaging as physical abuse. It is often difficult for men to ask for help, but they really need to for the sake of themselves and their family. Men, too suffer from low self-esteem and like women, they will stay with what is 'comfortable' for them.

We really need to be kind and gently with each other!

I am a savior of wounded birds. Rescuing others was a way I felt better about myself. I have passed a lot of my patterns and beliefs on to my two sons. It is their evolution. They are very sensitive men and will do anything to make things right. I am proud of them and inspired by them.

It's really ok to feel insecure. I think we all do. The level of our insecurities dictates our behavior. When we become unbearable to ourselves or others, it is the start to awareness.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

"When people and circumstances begin to treat us worse than we treat ourselves, we notice".--Janet Robinson

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