Positive Thinking, A Conscious Choice!

Positive Thinking is a necessity! Even if you are depressed, disappointed or anxious , being aware of this one fact can change the way you feel. This goes back to the theory of 'act as if'. We know how hard it is to go back to the source of our pain to resolve it. The best thing we can do is to be conscious of the fact that positive thinking is an immediate solution. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

The Mind is a Powerful Thing!

There are many pages in this site that point to the fact that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. So, we can override the fact that we are not feeling good about something. We can be conscious of the fact that we have a choice about it and we can make the choice to feel positive. Then we are in a much better position to analyze our feelings and get to the route of them and make some more choices.

Positive thinking is what was intended for us. People are powerful. That power used in a positive way can change everything in the world for the better.

Do you understand the term accountability? To me, it means that it is your job to deal with and act upon all that happens in your life. It is the opposite of being a victim. My word for it is 'victimism'. If you are a victim of someone else or something else, you cannot fix it. Only they can. You are stuck with it. How long do you want to wait for them to fix it?

It also means that on some level, by the law of attraction, you created it. (sorry) Therefore you can un-create it. How powerful does that make you?

So going on the theory that positive thoughts create positive results, why do we not make it a point to think positively?

Our Seven Day Mental Diet

My husband and I were studying books by Emmet Fox. In one of them we found a 7 day mental diet. What it suggested was that we go for 7 days without a negative thought. We took one day to familiarize ourselves and test it and then we started. If we found ourselves with any kind of a negative thought, we had to start back at day one again. What a challenge! We didn't think that we had that much negative in our lives. Driving in city traffic was the end of the day for my husband.

What we did find from doing that exercise is that we became more aware, accepting and happier. We had many 'serendipitous' things happen. What that means is the right things presented themselves to us at the right time. It was amazing! The stress level went down and each one of us individually were able to deal with challenges in a more proactive way.

As 'airy fairy' as it sounds, it works!

What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.--Napolean Hill

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