A Healthy Body

If You Don't Have That , Nothing Else Matters.

As it says in the headline, if you don't have a healthy body, nothing else matters. We can have wealth, notoriety, relationships, freedom and all the good things that life has to offer, but if we are sick or incapacitated it will mean nothing.

On every one of these pages I have repeated one thing. How we feel about ourselves determines our actions. We need to take care of ourselves. The people we love who need us will suffer if we don't take care of ourselves first.


Self-love has become a taboo subject. It has been associated with the 'me' generation as something selfish. It is not selfish to take care of yourself first. It is a known fact that if we don't take care of ourselves, we are in no shape to take care of others. We need a healthy body. If we neglect ourselves for others, the care and attention that we give them is not our best. And our family knows it at a deep level. Then their self-esteem suffers and the cycle begins again.

Most people think that a healthy body needs to fit the criteria of the media. We all know the eating disorders that come from that. Fitness is about eating right and getting regular exercise. If we can do that, we can prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and even cancer.

The testimonials from ladies using my fitness centers was phenomenal. Many of them after one month of working out 3x a week were taken off their medications. They found that they could play with their children and grandchildren and had much more stamina for other things in their lives. Depression was a thing of the past for many.

Interestingly enough, there were ladies who would say to me " I don't know why she comes to this gym because she is skinny".

So a healthy body is about a healthy cardiovascular system ( heart and lungs) and muscle strength. It's about eating right and getting the right vitamins. It's about providing the body with enough fiber to keep it's system running smoothly.It's about respecting and honoring yourself.

Eastern or Western Medicine?

It used to be that eastern medicine was about natural healing--acupuncture,herbal healing and meditation. The traditions of eastern medicine are still alive and thriving, but the whole world is now practicing modern medicine with all the new and sophisticated equipment, procedures and breakthroughs that happen every day. Modern medicine is wonderful in that it saves lives. It is immediate and effective when it's a life threatening situation.

What it doesn't deal with or explore is preventative medicine. For instance, historically the training in nutrition for the health professional has been piecemeal and selective. Post graduate training for doctors on nutrition is one week long and is offered throughout different centers around the US. Less than 6% of medical school graduates now require adequate nutrition training. So, to have healthy bodies, we need to take charge of our own lives. We are at a disadvantage, if we count on our regular doctors to help us stay healthy.

To make matters more challenging, the funding for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) (1.85 million in 2001) supports only about 34 physicians in 9 preventative medicine training programs, yet this represents the largest federal funding source for general preventative medicine and public health programs. Very few programs are eligible for Medical GME funding. This trend is prevalent throughout North America and the world.

Basically, health care is a reactive process. The professionals sure know how to treat you when you are seriously ill. The pharmaceutical industries are front and foremost in the health care industry. And I call it an industry because the money spent on drugs makes the pharmaceutical industry bigger than the pentagon. Sorry, I have strayed here.

What I am saying is that we need to be responsible for our own state of health. We are capable of making choices to take charge of our own health and fitness level. Did you know that for every $1. spent on a fitness program, $50. is saved in the health care field?

Did you know that there is a fountain of youth? It's not a mystery. It's a fact.

We all have the choice to acquaint ourselves with the knowledge of what it takes to be healthy. Good nutrition and exercise are paramount. Learn about what food choices are the best for nutrients and healthy digestion. Learn about how exercise can increase the quality of your life and quantity of healthy years. Take charge! You know more about yourself than anyone. Make that choice, for yourself and the ones that you love.

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Take Steps to Keep Yourself Healthy and Well

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Steps to Take When Sick

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Do you know that Positive Thinking is as important to your health as nutrition and exercise?

" We have so much to give one another when we are healthy and whole people."

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