Money Matters!

How Our Thoughts About and Relationship to Money Effect Our Ability to Create It.

Money is energy. Money matters! Why? We need money in this world to pay our rent, mortgage, services, food, clothing and all the other things that it takes to keep our life going. How much of it we have depends on how much we allow ourselves to have. I suggest that how much we allow ourselves to have depends on how much we feel we are capable of making, and deserve to have. Some people will balk at this suggestion.

What we have grown up to believe is what we generally continue to believe, unless something happens to make us question it. In general we spend our lives confirming our belief systems. It's human nature. For instance, a man may have a belief system that women drivers are bad. He may catch himself becoming irate at what he perceives to be a bad female driver. When he realizes that it is a male driver he retorts with ' his mother probably taught him to drive'.
We create our life by our thoughts, feelings and actions. At a core level, these spring from how we feel about ourselves and our abilities. So if we grew up with the belief that money was hard to attain, and it was necessary to work hard for money, and our family has always worked hard for whatever money we have had, it follows that we would continue to do what we have always done on that particular issue.

On the other hand, people who grow up in a wealthy family, take money for granted and know that there is lots of it to go around. If they lose their money, in a bad business deal ,for example, they will make it back in no time. The thought of lack does not enter their mind.

Changing our thoughts around and relationship to money is an important step in acquiring it. The world is abundant if we believe that it is.--Janet Robinson

Beyond Survival

I believe that we do not live consciously enough. What that means is that we are not aware of how we create our lives. We go on from day to day doing what we have always done to get what we have always gotten. We are in survival mode. Survival mode is for the animals. I believe that we are intended to go beyond survival mode. We have a fabulous mind. It is powerful and we can use it to live the life that we choose.

How Do We Get Beyond Survival?

We must first be discontent. We must realize and decide that we want something different for ourselves. Until that moment we are stuck. Even after arriving at the moment of realization, we will not make a change until we decide what and how it is to take place. Then when we have decided what (our goal) and how (the process) we must make concrete plans. The plans must be executed or nothing changes.

The one thing that will make this all take place is the motivation and the decision to do what ever it takes to make it happen. We have to want it that bad.I believe that usually, in order to want something bad enough to do what it takes to get it, we must feel really bad first. Sorry, but that's the way it seems to work.

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