Self-Acceptance, The Missing Piece to the Puzzle of Emotional Health

We need to be happy with who we are right now.

Self-Acceptance is an important component in emotional health. We have talked about how a healthy self-esteem is vital to a life of joy and fulfillment. Being aware that our life is not the way we would like it to be is number one to making a change. Ultimately we all need to accept ourselves just the way we are and right now.

People have a tendency to deny what 'is' if we don't like what 'is'. That's insanity, especially if we have no control over a situation and no hope of changing any part of it.

We need to be alright with our body appearance, size, shape, our abilities and talents. Look around you at others and know that you are not alone in your insecurities. None of us had anything to do with the way we came out. We do, however, have control over how healthy we are physically and emotionally.

We also have the opportunity to take stock of ourselves and develop our interests and talents and appreciate, honor and respect ourselves.

More Self-Esteem: 5 Steps to Personal Change

Self-Esteem is sometimes considered a subject for ‘new age’ people. The importance of a healthy self-esteem is sadly over-looked by a good majority of people on this planet.Changing our limiting beliefs about ourselves is the first step in building more self-esteem. Every thought, feeling, decision, action and result that occurs for us is directly related to the beliefs that we have about ourselves. It’s that simple! So why would we not want to pay attention to that fact? That is one of the mysteries of life.

Our belief systems are formed at an early age and we have no control over them at the time. But as we grow and evolve, we always have the opportunity to observe how we perceive the world and hence have the choice to change anything we want that doesn’t contribute to us. Being prompted to observe our results , usually occurs at a difficult time in our lives. When life is joyful and serene, we have no reason to question it.

So when we are at a crossroad in our life and we need to change our limiting beliefs, it sometimes helps to have some guidelines. Here are 5 steps to get you going.

1. Write down what is happening in your life that isn’t working and underneath it how things would look if they were the way you want them to be.

2. Confide in someone who is objective to your situation and who will listen to you as you express how things are. The answers are inside of you and this person does not need to give his version of a resolution. He just needs to listen.

3. The one most important thing to remember at this point is that you cannot change another individual. You can only change your own beliefs about the situation and your own perceptions. You can talk to individuals who are closely connected to and part of the situation, but you ultimately have to change yourself.

4. You need to know how special and unique you are in the world. Chances are your beliefs about yourself don’t know that. Well, it is true. There is only one of you. You are intended on this planet at this time. If you knew that you had something to contribute that only you could give, your self-esteem would soar.

5. Put yourself first. It is necessary now, so that you can be your best for others. (We can look after the children and still take care of our own needs.) Know what you need and set your boundaries. The better you treat yourself, the more self-esteem you build. Honor yourself and embrace what is truly you.

6. Remember that it takes time to change the beliefs that you have held for so long. Be patient and move one step at a time. And it takes courage to make changes. Congratulate yourself for that courage. The payoff is big and well worth the risk.

Move from self-acceptance to Spirituality. As Spirtual beings, we know how wonderful we are.

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