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Eight Steps to Changing Your Life

Self-Esteem solutions are simple and yet complicated. How do we change a lifetime of beliefs and patterns? What does it take to turn our lives around in our own favor?

The first step in any personal change is becoming conscious of the fact that it is time to make a change. When we admit to ourselves that our life is not what we want it to be and that the only way to make it so is to make changes in the way we think, feel and act, then we are well out of the starting gate.

Here are 'self-esteem solution' steps that when followed, will help you move forward:

1) Once you have admitted to yourself that you want to make changes in your life, surrender to it. When we fight against what we don't want in life , we create more of what we don't want. Acceptance is a powerful thing. It doesn't mean that you approve of how it is, but that you aren't pretending it's another way. The power to change it is yours.

2) Know that you are special and unique. There is only one of you in this Universe. No two raindrops are the same. The same goes for you. Respect yourself and your individual way of being in this world.

3) Forgive people in your life who you have been holding resentments against. Remember that forgiveness is not condonement. When we hold resentments against others, we are only hurting ourselves. Let it all go and feel the weight leave your shoulders. ( karma will deal with it)

4) Take time for yourself. Spend some time in solitude and quiet. Think about what isn't working for you and what it will look like when it is. Writing in a journal is a very helpful way of uncovering your feelings. When you write, don't censor yourself. Let it all flow and it will be amazing what you discover.

5) Make plans. If the plans resonate with you, you will be committed to the steps that it takes to follow through. If not, think some more. Below I have put a few questions down that you can ask yourself, to help you find out what is important to you. It is necessary that you tell yourself the truth. And it is also important that you be good to yourself and treat yourself with respect. You are so important!

* remember a time in your childhood when you were so involved in what you were doing that you lost track of time. What were you doing?

* remember times in your life when you felt good about yourself and you felt as if life was treating you well. What were you doing then?

* What were your favorite subjects in school. What did you like doing best?

* What have people told you that you are good at?

6) Make plans to change the way you have been living. Be aware every minute of the day. It may be scary but just move forward.

7 ) Some of the people in your life may feel insecure about the change in you. Explain it to them. Tell them how they may help you , but let them know that this is important to you and that in the end it will be all worth it. Sometimes, when we change our belief patterns, the people in our lives seem to drift away. Often, they are part of the dysfunction that we are changing. It's just the way it is.

8) Follow through on your plans. Small steps are fine. Remember again that it is your life , that you deserve the best, and you will have more resolve to move forward.

We all have different processes to go through in our personal self development. This self-esteem solution list is meant to help in many different circumstances. Please adapt it as needed and go to different resources as needed.

This Is Your Life!

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