Teens Self-Esteem

Teens Self-Esteem

Important, Life Long Decisions are Made During our Teens

The level of a teens self-esteem effects all of his actions. As a teenager, I remember the most important thing was being popular. If you were popular, lots of kids liked you and the ones that didn't, looked up to you. What a shallow goal at such an important time in our lives.

Peer influence is HUGE. Teens self-esteem plays a large part. Peer pressure and outside influence can effect decision making at a time when the outcome of some of those decisions is extremely important. All kinds of choices are made at this time; what subjects to take in school, what sports to play, what friends to hang out with and other situations which include smoking, drinking and drugs. Learn about Addictions.

Teens self-esteem effects all aspects of his life.There is a lot of pressure to do well in school. Exams are a source of stress and anxiety. As we know, the school system generally caters to the intellectuals and the creative students get lost in the shuffle. ( that was my experience )

It is also a time when teens and parents go through a period of power struggles. Parents are aware of the decisions that their teen is making and they want to control the outcome. Teens are developing their independence and feeling the change in their bodies and feelings about the opposite sex.

It is a turbulent time with self doubt and angst at the outside world. A teens' self-esteem, how he feels about himself, how he interprets the world around him dictates his actions. Parents need to understand what's going on with their teen.

Here are some tips to help you and your teen get through this time in a positive way:

1) Communicate. Let your teen know how you feel, and allow her to express herself also, and LISTEN.

2) Remember that as a parent, you have done a good job of instilling in your teen good morals and values. Trust that she still has those. Hold her able to use them.

3) Be consistent. All children need boundaries. They need to know how the world operates and what is expected of them. Without boundaries, they become people that no one likes.

4) Always be aware of how your teens' self-esteem is effected in your actions with her. It is the number one priority in her health and welfare.

5) Have fun with your teenagers. Our kids should be a joy to us. Lighten up! Life can be so fantastic.

Teens self-esteem

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