What is The Truth? Do We Fool Ourselves!

What do I mean when I say 'what is the truth'? Is it the truth about the Universe, about God, about what makes up an atom? All of that. The dictionary says "it's the state of being true, a fact or belief that is accepted as true." Accepted by who is my question?We all know many of the Universal Truths. The Laws of the Universe have truths like gravity, relativity, attraction.

What I am talking about here is our truths. Our own real truths. We know what they are. Deep down inside us I believe that each one of us knows our own truth.

Our lack of self-esteem has prompted us to create fantasies.

Little lies!

It has come to my attention that we pretty much all lie. Leaving out details and fabricating a story is lying. If you don't do that, then this is not about you. Our self-esteem ( or lack of it) is responsible for this practice. This article is not about lying, but about telling the truth.

When someone asks us to do something for them and we don't want to we find an excuse not to. We make up a story about an appointment or a previous engagement so that we can say no. We don't need an excuse to say no! (We are allowed to say no.) And when we do say no, because we do have a legitimate reason, we don't have to explain anything. Sometimes we make up a different story than the real one because the real one is not good enough to make us feel that we deserve to say no, so we enhance it. When someone asks us why we do something, our knee-jerk reactions think up something fast to justify the reason. We are continually trying to make ourselves look better than we think we are. We are afraid of being wrong, being lazy, being forgetful, being selfish, being foolish and the list can go on. We are afraid of being human. To be human is to do all of those things and more.

Author's Note

My husband has a sister who berates him. It is a pattern from both of their childhoods. I am astounded with how the game is played and more astounded at how defensive my husband is. When she asks him why he does what he does, the way he does it, he instantly finds an answer for her that is not true. Such a small incident, such a big negative feeling. I discussed it with him and he agreed that he says the first thing that comes into his mind. Why not stop for a second and find the truth. Why not admit that he was lazy, forgetful, busy, thoughtless, not interested, or made the decision to do it or not? Why do we not stand up for ourselves and admit to who we are.

We both made a decision today to go on a diet of telling the truth under all circumstances. It will be interesting to see this work, as I too, must work on not telling stories to make myself look better.

When You Tell the Truth, You Don't Have to Remember Anything.

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